Harune App

The Harune Phone App

The phone app is the perfect combination of utility and novelty. Harune is built into your phone to help you plan and motivate you through your daily activities.


We are re-organizing the way you interact with your phone. Set alarms, create reminders, use social medaia and more!

Unlock Events

Unlock exclusive additional voice lines, scenario's and services by using the app.

IoT Connectivity

Harune can connect to all your other apps and smart devices, through individual API's, we're also exploring options such as IFTTT.

Easy To Use

The ease of use and capabilities of our app make it easy for you to get started quickly.

Harune Specs

Harune is built on Amazon's cloud platfrom that allows for multiple services to be combine together in one convenient area.

  • IoT Connectivity
  • Simple UI for ease of use
  • Social media consolidation
  • Voice activated actions
  • Customizable costume selection
  • Smart AI, with Amazon Lex as a base

Future Plans

Harune is the base for our future porjects. Along side connectivity, we want to explore all the possibilities to bring Harune more to life. Currently we are doing exploritory work to make a mixed reality application.

Our goal is to design the anime style into the world, and fuse them together to bring a whole new experience to your daily life.

Our target device is expected to be for the Microsoft Hololens, however we're still exploring other platforms such as the Magic Leap, with such a rapidly exanding field, we want to ensure we are using the one that best suit our needs. More to come!

Get In Touch, Say Hello!

Talk with us on Discord or message us on Social Media to let us know your thought's and help us improve. We also post occasional news updates on our channels.