Synergy International Technology - MR Platform

A fully connected app

Harune is the perfect combination of utility and novelty.


We are re-organizing the way you interact with your phone. Set alarms, create reminders, get the latest news updates and more!

Level up!!

Unlock additional voice lines and perks by using the app. Harune will be able to learn your habit's to better support you through your day.

Full IoT Connectivity

Harune makes it simple to connect to all your smart devices, and other apps through IFTTT.


The ease of use and capabilities of our app make it easy for you to get started quickly.

Your own Personal Assistant

Harune is built on an advanced app platform that connects other platforms in one convenient area.

  • IoT Connectivity through IFTTT
  • Simple UI for ease of use
  • Voice activated actions
  • Customizable costume selection
  • Smart AI, with Amazon Lex as a base

Mixed Reality Is Coming!!

We are currently developing Harune, for mixed reality, bringing a whole new experience to your daily life.

Our target device is expected to be for Magic Leap, however the 2019 version of the Microsoft Hololens is also under consideration. More updates to come!

Get In Touch, Say Hello!

Talk with us on Discord to let us know your thought's and help us improve. We also post occasional news updates on our channels.

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